Have eczema? You are doing it wrong!

All those people who have been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema or for that matter any sort of eczema that comes back again and again, please follow the advice for a longer remission period.


For clothes –


1- Remove all Tags from new clothes


2- Colour washing of new clothes before wearing to remove excess color


3- Fabric: prefer cotton for inner clothes. avoid polyester and wool mix. Rinsing twice to remove excess soap


4- Full sleeves to protect from dust pollution etc. Clothes should Not be too tight. if u can buy1size up




For Bathing-


1- 5-10 mins bathing time at max


2- Use Lukewarm water


3- Use Syndet bars


4- Utility of bleach bath for pitients having fequent skin infections can’t be stressed more.


5- Daily bathing essential


6- Use Soft towel to pat dry






1- use within 3 mins of bathing


2- 4-5 times per day


3- it should be Bland and odorfree


4- Virgin coconut oil that is cold pressed is a good moisturizer


5- apply Eczema cream and then apply moisturiser


6- Moisturizers should be used even in summers


Personal hygiene


1- Nail cutting to be encouraged, otherwise scratches can increase eczema.


2- Ear nose infections can exacerbate eczema. saliva dribbling can lead to eczema as well.


3- umbilicus axilla are potential sites of infections so they should be cleaned daily during bathing.


4- Clothes cleaned inside out and double rinsing to be done.


Take No stress-do exercise & yoga etc. cause stress is proven to exacerbate eczema.


Scalp cleaning is necessary cause many pts have lesions in scalp only, so ,shampoo 2-3 times per week. Indoor Mats should be covered bed sheets and blankets should be changed at appropiate interval. No Deo perfume powders SHOULD BE USED CAUSED THEY CAN ALSO INCREASE YOUR ECZEMA. Home care Mats rugs should be cleaned regulary


bed or study table should be away from Windows. if newly painted house the fumes may be a source of allergy. Garden shrubs may release pollens causing allergy. Pets dander can cause allergy. AC & heater should be set at moderate temeratures. extreme of temperature increases chances of allergy. Humidifier should be used in winter and air conditioned rooms.

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