Lip Pigmentation Treatment in Kanpur

The best skin doctor in Kanpur shares the best dark lip treatments by the dermatologist in Kanpur that are 100% safe and lighten the pigmentation on your lips.

Lip pigmentation can be described as the discoloration of lips leading to the darkening of your lip skin. Get in touch with our best skin specialist in Kanpur for your lip pigmentation treatment.

Lips that are black or discoloured are a common skin issue that several factors can cause. To address dark lips, a mix of procedures such as hydration, smoking, sun protection, lip-tightening treatments, and makeup can be used. Consult your skin doctor in Kanpur or dermatologist in Kanpur for personalised guidance and treatment choices suited to your situation.

What is Lip Pigmentation?

Permanent make-up is a procedure that is performed in the form of tattooing, in which pigment is injected into the upper layer of your skin, and it remains there for several years. The pigment can be injected in different ways like standard tattoos, coil machines, rotary or pen machines, or by hand.

When to consider permanent makeup?

If you do not want to apply makeup every day.
If your brows, lips, and lashes are getting pale or lacking definition.
If you have skin allergies from makeup.
If you have scars or a vitiligo problem.
If you have oily skin, that makes your makeup application difficult.

Permanent Makeup Treatment in Kanpur

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

In Kanpur, many clinics are offering permanent makeup treatment. But for optimal results, choose a trusted skin doctor in Kanpur. Permanent makeup treatment provides various benefits for patients. Let’s see the top 5 advantages of permanent makeup:

Reduce skin concerns

Patients who are suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy can go for permanent makeup treatment. Additionally, it is the best option for treating scars and birthmarks from facial surgery or accidents.


For working women, it is difficult to get ready on time, so working women switch to permanent makeup. If you consider your time, you apply makeup every morning and remove it at the end of the day. To eliminate the procedure of applying and removing makeup, you should definitely go for permanent makeup.

No allergy

Some women cannot wear makeup because of their watery eyes, itchy skin, and others. That is why people choose permanent makeup treatment over spending too much money on makeup for sensitive makeup.

Maintenance free

Using permanent makeup treatment requires no maintenance. You can walk, swim, and hike without the tension of your makeup washing away.

Permanent Makeup Treatment in Kanpur

Picture perfect look

Permanent makeup treatment gives you a beautiful look all day. As it is water resistant, you can exercise without worrying about destroying the look. It gives you a picture perfect look anytime anywhere.

What is permanent makeup made of?

Permanent makeup consists of fine particles of iron oxide-based pigment compounds, which are placed specifically within the middle skin layer to provide color. The most advanced pigments are used, which are fully dermatologist-approved. The pigments are mixed individually to provide customized results.

How many treatments are required?

Generally, two treatment sessions are required, and these are placed one or more weeks apart. Truly professional artistic implantation takes time and several steps to achieve the goal. Pigments are mixed to match the natural skin tone and hair color closely. Darker color can consistently be increased during subsequent visits.

Pre-Treatment Procedure

  • Avoid applying makeup.
  • Topical anesthetic cream is applied, which lasts for 30-40 minutes.

During the Procedure

  • Needles are disposed of after every treatment.
  • You may feel some slight discomfort when pigment is implanted into your skin.

Post Treatment Procedure

  • Avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays, especially tanning booths, for at least ten days.

What to expect during the procedure?

Lip pigmentation is also known as lip darkening. It is a frequent situation that results in the lips darkening beyond their natural colour. The disorder can affect people of all ages and skin tones. People with darker skin tones have more chances to get affected by lip pigmentation. Sun exposure, hormonal changes, smoking, and dehydration can all contribute to lip-darkening. While lip pigmentation is usually not an intense medical concern, it can be visually unpleasant and create self-consciousness in some people.

What causes Lip Pigmentation?

A number of factors can contribute to lip pigmentation. The following are some of the most common cause of lip pigmentation-

Sun Exposure

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful UltraViolet rays can result in lip pigmentation.


Smoking is an important lip pigmentation factor because it can dry out and discolour the lips.


Dehydration can result in dry and flaky lips that can ultimately darken.

Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy or menopause-related hormonal changes can also cause lip pigmentation.


Some people may be genetically predisposed to developing dark lips.

Certain Medications

As a side effect, some drugs, including chemotherapy drugs, can cause lip pigmentation.

Iron Deficiency

The lip may turn pale or dark in colour due to iron deficiency anaemia.

Allergic Reactions

In some people, allergic reactions to specific lip products, like lipsticks or lip balm, can sometimes result in lip pigmentation.

Treatment Recommended by The Dermatologist in Kanpur

The best skin doctor in Kanpur shares the best dark lip treatments by the dermatologist in Kanpur that are 100% safe and lighten the pigmentation:

Topical Creams

The available topical creams in the market can help you reduce the pigmentation of the lip and other facial areas. The creams that contain ingredients like hydroquinone will work as skin-whitening agents by controlling the melanin production.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels work by exfoliating the son under controlled circumstances. They reduce the melanin production as well as remove the dead skin. Depending on the skin texture and condition, a combination of peels can be used by the dermatologist in Kanpur.

Laser Treatment

You can get soft and pink lips with our ablative laser treatment, one of the most popular and advanced treatments for lip pigmentation. This laser deeply infiltrates the skin and stimulates new skin cell production. The procedure is entirely safe, non-invasive, and painless.

Permanent Makeup

This treatment is also known as lip tattooing. This is one of the most famous and quickest solutions to dark lips.

Factors that contribute to Lip Darkening

There are several factors that contribute to lip darkening, including:


  • UV rays from the sun can darken lips if they are uncovered for an extended period of time.
  • Tobacco can be an essential factor behind lip darkening because nicotine and tar in tobacco can stain the lips.
  • A dehydrated body can also cause your lips to get dry, cracked, and discoloured.
  • Specific medicines, like chemotherapy drugs and antipsychotic medications, can result in lip pigmentation as a side effect.
  • Iron deficiency can cause pale and darkened lips.
  • Some people may be predisposed to lip-darkening due to their genetic problems.
  • Allergic reactions to certain food items and medications can cause swollen and discoloured lips.

Lifestyle Factors

Various aspects of one’s way of life can contribute to lip pigmentation. Some of the examples that include are:


The chemicals that are found in tobacco can usually cause pigmented lips when you are frequently smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products. The nicotine found in tobacco also shrinks your vessels and decreases blood flow to the lips, which results in dark lips.

Sun Exposure

When your skin is excessively exposed to the sun, it can darken your skin, in which lips are also included, and it causes hyperpigmentation. Lips are especially vulnerable to sun damage because they contain a lesser amount of melanin.


Dehydration can cause your lips to get dry and cracked, which results in darkened lips.

Pour oral hygiene

When oral hygiene is avoided, bacteria can build up on your lips and result in discoloration.

Lip-licking or lip-biting

Lip licking and biting habits can irritate your skin and cause lip pigmentation.

Prevention Tips to Consider


For mild cases, darkened lips may be a result of an allergic reaction such as from food, medication or cosmetics. Just wait for a few months for the things to subside on their own. If the condition stays the same, it is better to reach out to a dermatologist in Kanpur.

Be careful while exfoliating

Excessive exfoliation may harm your skin and affect the softness and suppleness of your lips.. Be always gentle with your exfoliators.

Say no to smoking

We are the best skin specialist in Kanpur to treat your pigmented lips. The skin doctor in Kanpur suggests you quit smoking. Things can get worse if you continue smoking.


Always wear a dermatologically tested sunscreen even if you are in your home. The blue rays from digital devices are equally harmful just UV rays.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, lip pigmentation is not a sign of severe health concern. According to the skin doctor in Kanpur, it is a standard cosmetic concern that can happen due to several factors like hormonal changes, sun exposure, lifestyle habits, and some medicines.

Lip pigmentation cannot be treated permanently, mainly if the pigmentation results from genetic factors or certain medical situations.

According to the skin doctor in Kanpur to keep your lips pink naturally, drink plenty of water daily, use sunscreen, avoid smoking, have a balanced diet, and choose natural lip care products.

Well, getting lighter lips overnight may be a challenge. You can have some home remedies, skincare products, and skin care practices that may help you gradually improve lip pigmentation.